Many Thanks

Praise God for the opportunity to have a site for my art expression. I was given the opportunity by my aunt Muriel, and cousin Douglas much love,  also my mom,  my daughter, and better half, thank you, and other family members as well, thank you.

Even the first semester at Pratt/Phoenix school of design, was a great inspiration I’m so done that I didn’t get to finish school and had to learn by hands on trail and error. I know, that’s the way it works, learning  a series of references about my life, mental notes, post cards from my brain to my heart, what to use about my life  and what not to. Trying to be original yet inspired by others. Sometimes being sad because I can’t get it just so. I’m a big fan of abstract art , I feel this art, and other art forms as well,  and want to share what I feel, which is happiness and love for the arts. Tami 🙂 

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