Thoughts make the world….true art.

 I’ve found that the seven Hermetic Laws; bring us into alignment, it’s easy starting with Mentalism, we are energy; all is mental, thoughts make the world, thoughts = creation. We are energy,  If we keep our energy clean, we will be in harmony ; resonance, with the world.

Correspondence, as it’s done above so it is below , what you communicate reaches all walks of life, the first to the last.

Vibration, everything has a vibration, and everything moves, we vibrate around each other to and from each other.

Polarity, two opposite sides, good and bad are different sides of the same coin.

Rhythm, our energy flows out and in, all of us can  rise and or fall.

Gender, everything has its masculine and feminine, they can be expressed many ways.

Cause and Effect, everything has a reaction , every cause has an effect ; and every effect has a cause. Pay it forward, always, we’re creating a way and a means that keeps us in flow.

It’s up to  us to apply them, we have options, I listen to, a psychologist, criminologist, life coach, Ralph Smart, and a host of others, along the same  lines; He was helpful to me when I needed help, to realize I still had a chance to be the best version of myself, and to see the best version in those around me. Help comes to those who ask, and seek that help,   Tammie

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