Thoughts….life art.

 I’ve found that the truth brings  us into alignment, it’s easy starting with We are energy,  If we keep our energy clean, we will be in harmony ; resonance, with the world. what you communicate reaches all walks of life, the first to the last. everything has a vibration, and everything moves, we vibrate around each other to and from each other our energy flows out and in, all of us can  rise or fall.       

Pay it forward, always, we’re creating a way and a means that keeps us in flow. The currency that’s an urgency is help for mankind, the animals, and  the planet. Which ever is in your heart to help today start helping as soon as you can, it is so appreciated and it makes a lot of sense, like treat others the way you would  want to be treated . I just pray for forgiveness, that I didn’t awaken sooner. I have respect and forgiveness for those who are or were asleep, and who seek  to be better individuals going forward.  Be blessed. Tami 🙂

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